Always on my princess shit 💅

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I love this because it’s positive without being religiously overbearing. Good vibes everyone, whether you’re getting lifted with Mary Jane or Jesus, enjoy your Sunday and be good to each other. <3

I’ve burned too many brains cells down, to be worried ‘bout my brain cells now. 

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"I am watching the stars, admiring their complex trajectories through space and time. I am trying to give a name to the force that set them in motion."
Alan MooreDave GibbonsWatchmen
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Yes please. 
Do you run a NSFW blog?


I don’t know what you’re talking about, anon, but I think you need to mind your business.

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Your girl got a cute face, 
her friend got a nice body, 
and they just wanna have fun, 
this my type of party. 

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