i am creative but talentless. ugh. 

  • vendor guy: do you ever feel stressed?
  • me: always
  • forget the hoes, these followers aint loyal.


    As much as I dig the Kawaii trend, that’s all it’ll ever be. Girls with pastel hair and crop tops are kinda getting old. 

    Your booty got nothing on mine. 

    Linie Del Ray.

  • C: "spilling water on himself* I'm so wet.
  • L & C simultaneously: That's what she said.
  • *Turn to each other and fist bump*
  • Your girl got a cute face, 
    her friend got a nice body, 
    and they just wanna have fun, 
    this my type of party. 

    If he can’t keep it up, then he’s going down.

  • Lina: If you think of cooties as sperm, then everything your mother told you about boys is true.
  • Ben: what did my mother tell me about cooties? To put them on girls?!