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Your girl got a cute face, 
her friend got a nice body, 
and they just wanna have fun, 
this my type of party. 

If he can’t keep it up, then he’s going down.

  • Lina: If you think of cooties as sperm, then everything your mother told you about boys is true.
  • Ben: what did my mother tell me about cooties? To put them on girls?!
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I found a conversation heart that describes my love life. #lol #conversationheart #meow

"I’m breaking the law, but I can’t stop doing drugs." Lolz -PK

This valentine’s day I’ve decided to feed my own chocolate cravings and reap the benefits of people in love who want to drown in Italian food. #serverlife #meow

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Obviously, I’m really excited for all the nonsense coming up. #ugh #twitter #negativenancy

I think Valentine’s day is bullshit;  Buy me chocolate, flowers,  and jewelry every day,  not once a fucking year.

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I can’t.  #lol #Omfg #Starbucks

At this point, the only things on my birthday/Christmas wishlist are a big girl bed, an Xbox One, a pretty colored camelbak, and tickets to see Mimosa & Thriftworks. 

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me everyday.

When someone tells me, “that’s not you”

Oh. Sorry for allowing myself to be open to interests other than the ones I have now. 

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@artayyyy knows bitches be cray. #lol #mylittlebrotherisghetto
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Jesus saves.